Tarn's Legacy

Adventure Bullet Points #1 (Outskirts of Pitax)

Been a while since we updated the log… I’m gonna just start doing bullet points because I think we’ll use it more that way, even if its kinda lame :)

*Started in Pitax, finished resting at rebel warehouse
*We had three major choices:
-Rescue the rebel leader
-Assassinate, or question the new head of the palace guards
-Investigate the estate of the head of the Wizard Council; Something Starsomething
*The chance to rescue the rebel leader was in a week and the estate was a day away, so we decided to try to do both, starting with the estate.
*Left at night and the city gates were locked
*We were made by the city guards, but a small bribe helped smooth it over
*We were attacked by some goblins and their orc leader, and pwned them good
*We found 800 gold and some potions on them. Woohoo!
*Then we stayed at a small village in a hay-bed loft near th estate
*We found out that there was a city nearby worth checking out
*Lumorn and Klink went to scout the mansion while everyone else went to the city
*Lumorn discovered some information about the estate, including some fishy stuff going on around the Swan Garden, which we suspect is an entrance.
*In the city we met a noble (Kel posed as one himself) and eventually went to see some gladiatorial games.
*In the games we saw, Urndrkr, who we assume was captured and forced into it.
*After some research and shmoozing, we came up with a plan to free Urndrkr.
*We managed to get Lumorn in the arena to fight a Polar Bear, and if he won he would fight Urndrkr, who would then take the fall, then we would win a bunch of money and buy him for cheap, since he just lost.
*Lumorn had some bad luck against the polar bear and was defeated.
*Kel was able to sneak a message to Urndrkr to take the fall in his next fight anyway, so we could win enough money to buy him for cheap.
*Urndrkr fought a Dire Boar and looked like he might have died… and we won 3,000 gold on the fight.

And then………..


MasterJake ebozzy

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