Tarn's Legacy

Third Adventure Post

From the Journal of Francis Dashwood

Well that went poorly. Everyone’s dead back at the Grey-Mane Stronghold. I somehow made it out alive with Jad’zia and we quickly hurried back through the forest to Casmaran’s hideout. I have told Casmaran that I will be his apprentice, companion, and brewmaster (mainly for the Orges) in exchange for a place to lay low while things settle down (I’m sure all the bandits, bounty hunters, and merchants in the area are out for my head) and Jad’zia recovers.

Jad’zia is still in shock and is spending most of her time drifting in and out of sleep. She has recognized me, and the distinct taste of my beer, during one of her half-awake states, so at least she knows she is safe. Once she regains her consciousness, I will fill her in on everything that has happened while she has been encased in stone.

I have prepared a wake of sorts for my fallen comrades that Casmaran and the Ogres will be attending. Hopefully with my Clerical and Divine magicks, I will be able to guide their souls through the Astral Plane to the realm of their chosen Gods, where they may rest eternally in peace.

Perhaps I have lucked out, in a way, as the Elves probably will not be as aggressively hunting me. In fact, with the Spear, now, most likely in their clutches, and the bodies of my fallen comrades available for their viewing, they might abandon the hunt all together. I can only hope.

I am not sure how long I will be staying with Casmaran and his Ogres, but it certainly will not be a short stay. Perhaps I can learn a thing or two from him during my tenure here. He is quite a crafty fellow, but he may be too absent-minded to be an effective teacher and trainer.

It is getting late in the day and I must now go prepare my Extra Special Funeral Brew for the Wake at sundown.

Another adventuring party comes to a tragic end and, again, I must abandon the Road and the thrill of Adventure for the foreseeable future. Farewell, my friends. It seems Misfortune follows me in the shadows wherever I go…….


MasterJake Steven_Bribble

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