Tarn's Legacy

Together as One -read reply below post!-

A sickening thud. Looking down briefly I see a large arrow piercing my gut before I plummet into unconsciousness. As my lifeforce slips away I can vaguely sense my comrades also falling to sword and steel. Awaiting my departure from this material realm, into the rapture of my beloved Aasterinian, I feel a deep sadness. A knowledge that we failed, not only at completing our innermost desires, but a failure to meet destiny as we should have. Finally I feel a pulling, and as my spirit reels from my mortal coil I release an ethereal sigh, deep within, wondering if this is a pain I shall forever sustain.

As I rise above the cursed Stronghold, my ascent begins to slow. Looking down, I can clearly see Francis and Jad’Zia achieving an improbable escape! A sliver of satisfaction begins to make its way through the deep void within. Sensing others in my presence I look around, surprised to find I am surrounded by the glimmering apparitions of my recently deceased brethren. A sense of calm comes as we all emanate a peace of mind and contentment that this wasn’t all for naught. Looking up I can feel the presence of our respective deities smiling down at us, waiting. What were they waiting for?

At once we all perceive a similar epiphany. The gods were giving us a choice. Release our souls willingly into the rapture of our spirit worlds, and forever live jubilantly in peace. Or…… or what? Or do not refuse our destiny. Stay here. Set our intentions forever towards our goal and help fate guide us there. The pieces are in place. Powerful allies alive and eager to aid our cause. A benevolent fighter, leader amongst our executioners. A mighty wizard, friendly to our plight. A rescued Druid, who’s mystery has yet to be uncovered. Of course there is the resourceful and resilient Cleric, who’s ability to surprise and achieve seems almost unmatched. Decidedly this is no choice at all. A resolve settled over the four of us. We would risk everything, possibly a life forever spent in purgatory, for but one chance to return and place ourselves rightfully back along our path. Here we stay, here we stand, a Unified Front. Together as One.

Meanwhile Aasterinian, Olidammara, Pelor, Elhonna, and Fharlanghn all smile down, nodding their heads in approval.


Yes, yes… good guess, but Oldimmara, Pelor and all the rest don’t give a fuck about your asses. No one except Francis could even be called slightly religious. When was the last time you looked to your god’s guidance and teachings in your life… How about praying? No one even takes the time to a speak a good word about their deity to their companions much less acknowledge they have a faith at all. BAH! Your gods pay you less mind than they would a worm feasting on the remains of a clerics balls and why would they? Your heathen souls have a lowly spot reserved in the plane of your religion only by default. But you did die and your souls fled towards their eternal default none the less…

A massive torrent rages around you…… A blur… but for a brief moment you glimpse from the corner of your ethereal eyes those now estranged bodies lying in their own piss and blood as you are swept into a gap in the fabric of reality. Your essence is tossed along a pipeway of glittering flecks that seem to dance in darkness as you are tossed like a twig in a raging flood down rocky slopes.

You are caught in the ethereal highway. The transitive astral plane sweeps you towards your eternal resting place without thought or memory…. but wait!.. whats this? a glimmer of some recognizable emotion? yes… Something far ahead rushing towards you… that familiar sense of determination sits like a granite rock, an island in this torrential swarm of insane spiritual momentum.

As it approaches self awareness floods your consciousness and you instinctively fling a hand out to the island as it rushes by. You cling to it desperately as if it were the tufts of grass rooted to the edge of a cliff along the Black Crag Spires! Something pulls you forward and you feel a sudden electricity! A rush of life, energy, emotion and FLESH! Suddenly you are aware… It is… someone I know?… Lumorn! That is his name… He looks down at you with a wry smile, “I was wondering when you would show.”

It is indeed an island, a small slab of granite no bigger than the main table at the Minotaurs Head. You climb to your knees and all around you catch sidelong glances from your companions who, like you, have been pulled from the torrent that rushes all around you in a seemingly endless ethereal flood… Upon this granite slab sits a massive stone door which slightly resembles what seems to be an ancient demon’s grimacing face. Huddling together to keep from falling into the raging torrent all around you, you get the impression that the door will not open… It becomes all the more clear when you realize that none of your clothes made this ethereal trip with you… or that roast beef sandwich you had for lunch…

Boy am I hungry… and thirsty… and damn I wish there was more room on this damn slab, “Whos balls are rubbing against my thigh!…”

{an awkward silence}

…“so what do we do now?”


A few days later…

Francis awakes in a cold sweat… convulsing, he throws his head to the side of the bed and vomits… From last nights boozing with Dungor or from that crazy powerful dream he is not sure…

As I walked down a road of glittering stars I could see the faces of my fallen companions in the distance… they were just out of reach! I swear the road was singing to me… What was that damn thing blocking my way?.. I wonder if it was a sign from…

Casmaran busts in!… “Francis, I have had a dream! There was a great demons head laughing at me, spinning in circles, while a monkey danced around slapping me in the ass!.. Well forget all of that, I think your friends are stuck on a demi-plane between here and the astral plane. I don’t know how she did it but Jad has made contact!.. are you feeling ok? Well never mind that, wash up and lets set up a gateway so you can go get them… You do want to get them don’t you?.. We’ll its a simple matter of plane shifting and I just happen to have a scroll with me here! Ha! This reminds me of the time….”


Woohoo! Stuck on a slab of rock in an astral vortex… I knew I should have studied more spells about this. The gnome is at a really awkward height for this situation, but he, like us seems to be lucky to have a fighting chance for… Something. This damn door won’t budge. I wonder if my magic works out here. It would be interesting to send the red shirt but over the edge just to see what happens. As time drawls on it becomes apparent the dwarf is taking up the most room… Hmmmmmm

MasterJake MasterJake

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