The world as it is known

The information posted here is general knowledge of what any one of the characters would know. Depending on your backstory each person will likely know a little more about an area. Tom will likely know a lot more about the dwarf cities, shannon about the gnome/halfling area, etc… It is unlikely that the half elves will know much more about the full elves territory as they keep to themselves but they will have access to more knowledge than the rest, things like that.

Basic Layout:

from north to south

  • Frostland in the north, not habitable by humanoids (for the most part) but rumors of some civilization up there do exist. Mostly it is inhabited by ice creatures and frost giants. No knowledge of what may lay beyond.
  • Mt. Grimm A huge mountain that sometimes exudes a mysterious gout of black smoke, Its sheer face and massive desolate climb make it a slight mystery. No winged creatures will go up there and every once in a while some douchy hero will try to scale it never to be seen again.
  • Silverglade Mountains inhabited by many intricate networks of dwarves, rumored to be vast caches of gold and jewels stashed away by the dwarves up there. Dwarves don’t typically take kindly to anyone searching around for it though. Received their name because of the assumed amounts of silver hidden within and the shimmering silvery look of the ice capped peaks.
  • Golden Back Mountains Similar to the silverglades, dwarf inhabitants but these mountains begin to border the desert and do not have ice capped peaks, split by Stoneheim way from the silverglades this ridge of mountains is made from a different kind of stone giving it a yellowish or “golden” look. It is less favorable for vast networks of stone cities so does not hold the huge cities like the silverglades and is more populated by various other races. If one were to venture through the mountains it is assumed that you would run into the desert but people often speak of a vast sea with dark waters and waters that dry your tongue.
  • Stoneheim Way/Old gondor River/Glindale River Trade routes between the dwarven cities and the humans. The Glindale river is not considered a favorable trade route due to its path through the Glindale forest (inhabited by thieves and worse). This is why there is a route that goes so far out of its way to skirt the forest.
  • Glindale Forest thick forest that begins to thin as it heads to the north and at its northern most point it is scrubby, bordered by a major trade route.
  • Heartwood forest Thick forest that is sometimes rumored to be haunted. Many thieves and criminals are known to flee into the woods from the neighboring human cities but rumors of monsters and worse keep most out. Becomes more tropical to the south and less infested with dangers.
  • Horazon River- not considered a very viable trade route because it winds back and forth so much but is used often enough for travel between pitax and cliffside.
  • Shadowdream forest- it is not common knowledge why it is called that but people do say that they have strange dreams when camping along the trade route that winds through here. Warmer region.
  • Rom- as you know, this is a peninsula dotted with small farms and fishing villages, the forest in the middle provides great timber for boats. Not much is known of the lands rumored to be across the sea but an occasional ship full of island pirates will come aground and raid villages. Lighthouses along the edge are very important for trade between cliffside and dragonport.
  • Candlelight/Watcher- warm islands filled with small seafolk villages. Many of the most famous captains come from here and small sea fairing vessels are very abundant, many of the islands are so close that people simply live on their boats and pop from one to another offering services and trade. Watcher is ringed by a ancient wall and a massive ruined fortress is at the center, surrounding the fortress is a small bustling city.
  • Long Beach easy enough to figure out. Good vacation spot for rich people.
  • Red Plains Huge flat stretch of land that is not considered passable by travelers. A lack of water and shade leave this stretch of scrubby sahara generally untraveled. Much easier to go by ship. Many believe that tribes of orcs and other various barbarous tribes from the south have setup small bands here and there that sometime raid small villages along the perimeter.
  • Grey Hills inhabited by gnomes and bands of halflings at constant battle with goblinoids. Slightly desert like terrain but the hills and nearby mountains hold many useful resources and its inhabitants have learned how to survive with what little food and water they can find.
  • Trost Desert north/south Brutal desert inhabited by various creatures make this area a total mystery, there are no reports of anyone seeing what might lay beyond. On occasion someone reports coming in contact with humans from the desert but these reports are shrouded in fantastic claims and usually disregarded as tall tales.
  • Saint Ashmere’s Canyon Long narrow river that hardly provides enough water in the rains season for traveling gnomes and halflings to make their rounds to the elvish territory. But during that short season they are welcomed as a good source of useful tools and gadgets to the elves, in return the elves provide food and provisions considered to be a valuable rarity in the desolate mountains of Trost Ridge
  • Black Crag Spires A brutal landscape with massive black stone mountains jutting out of the earth like towers of crumbling glass. Many perils other than stone are rumored to lurk in these wastes, fortunately it provides a wonderful barrier between the Crowlands and the Ravenwood forest. The Ormere River sometimes carries ragged bands of goblinoids to intercept the trading vessels from Trost but they rarely come into contact with the elves.
  • Ravenwood A massive forest, with a slightly tropical feel. Maintained and cared for by the elves this forest is rumored to hold some of the most ancient and majestic floral oddities known to civilized beings. The forest is dotted with elvish cities and sects that specialize in various forms of trades and professions. Rangers, wizards, warriors and various fighting styles are commonplace as many of these small cities pride themselves in providing the greatest service to the protection of humanity (this is considered a duty among the elven territory, to keep the evil from the south at bay and keep an ever watchful eye on what new threat may rise). Besides traders the only people allowed into the woods are those who wish to take up a post and help defend the southern border and even then many are turned away, you must pass several trials including strength, skill, wit, and morals. People from non elf cities take great pride and will often boast when a relative is accepted into the military there. They are simply called The Defenders. When and if they return home they always carry wonderous tales of battle and glory, many mayors and leaders of cities and towns are veterans (often they make good ones as the elves and their situation provides a great education politics, philosophy, humility, hardship etc… that makes a person hard and strong of will and mind. But this is not always the case).
  • The Last Crow Usually called by its common name the “crowlands.” Is a brutal land that is inhabited by every type of evil and malicious creature you can imagine. The rumors and tales of this place are so plentiful that it is impossible to tell what is real, some even say its all a bunch of bull concocted by the elves to scare everyone in to thinking they are so great and keep resources flowing in from other kingdoms during fake war times. Some say there is a great treasure or power there that the elves are keeping to themselves… Well people say just about everything, the common feeling is that the elves are all that stands between us and evil and any chance to send aid their way is to be honored. Occording to what has been written, the border between Ravenwood and the Crowland is dotted with outposts that have troops regularly cycled through them. There are fortifications set up along these outposts that scouting parties regularly traverse and the area immediately beyond the fortifications almost as far as can be seen, is kept clear of flora and refuge to make invaders easy to spot.

The world as it is known

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