Tarn's Legacy

First Adventure Log Post

This is our adventure as of January 17th 2014

Part One

A Meeting Of Five Strangers:

The Five of us meet by chance at Minituar’s Head Tavern where Francis worked as a barkeep. Here we meet Crawley who tells of us possible treasure guarded by undead. Still weary of each other, we follow Norris towards the Fighters Guild.

After some back and forth banter we eventually fight and kill the evil group of Fighters. Went back to Min’s Head and got drunk, celebrated and slept with wenches.

Woke up in the morning to warnings that the Fighters Guild is out for Vengeance Escaped with our lives (killing a few more) and fled into the woods.

Began heading towards Colin’s Point Met Carmain The Good Cleric of Pelor on the way (was investigating missing children)

Went to Inn @ Colin’s P, were told where Old Man & Lighthouse were located, visited Old Man, he was out of his mind, set a goat free. Went to Lighthouse, received information on location of Undead Treasure Dungeon

Went to Dungeon. Failed miserably most of the time, almost dying on multiple occasions. Eventually met with Artemis, the scholar who was concerned with Karn, his General , and the safety of the world. Eventually leading to the tomb of Tardek, where he grasped Tardek’s Spear. We all had out-of-body experiences as Artemis pushed the kid off of the coffin, a large black hand popped out. We wake up, Artemis is in the same place and dead.

Notes: Walls of the cave were covered in blood, with draconic writing, and piles of dead sailor bodies were in the middle of the room. Crows following us everywhere.

Part Two

On the Lam:

We left the dungeon to rest, and were heading back to clear it out when we ran into a group of Elven Paladin’s. They blamed us for releasing Tardek back into the realm. Uninterested in out protest they took us as prisoners and brought us towards their homeland for trial.

On our way, they got into what sounded like a great battle nearby. We escaped from our binds and a dazed elf returned. The elf handed the spear to Francis and asked him to flee and protect it. We ditched some gear and piled onto two horses left by the fighting elves.

As we fled through the forest of Rom, we were played tricks on by Kinder Ashfoot and is tribe of Forest Gnomes. They befriended us and took us into their town for aid. The elders offered information on our plight and asked us to help them with disappearing townsfolk.

We investigated the Keep in question. Here we found Monkeys, Rats, Grimlocks, Giant Spiders, and ran from Bugbears. There is a much larger Shelob-type spider in the dungeon and we decided not to continue through the Keep. We saved a human from the spiders named Wipkip. He was grateful. We found dead gnomes. We hope to return and help the gnomes with their plight. One of our horses was killed and the other fled.

Notes: We were looking for a book with similar writing that is on the spear. We found where the book used to lay, but it was gone. A crow dropped one page from it, cackled and left. Also their was a mysterious woman’s voice laughing at us a few times.

We headed towards Birka. We met Mathens and he gave us more information on our plight:

  • Cool History Tarn/Tardek
  • The Elves are the only people aware of Tarn because they messed up and don’t want him uncovered.
  • The Elves don’t like Tarn
  • The Elves Magically or Somehow erased the memory of Tarn/Tardek.
  • Go to the desert to find a Mosque that should have weapons to help in killing Tardek.
  • Otherwise Elves will hunt us and take us in for trial and kill us.
    Went back for more information and there were elven pack horses outside his house. Snuck through the town and got on a boat. The boat took us towards Dragonport. On the way we fought sea creatures and smited them. I almost threw the spear off the boat.

In Dragonport

Trying to avoid detection we resupply and leave the town. Kel’im was made and chased by a guard but he easily outran him.

We left and went to head through Heartwood Forest, crossed a bridge on the way and killed some barbarian thugs. Lumorn covered our tracks well.

Part Three

We found a clearing with Thugs and Guards arguing over a funeral pyre. We let them fight but then destroyed the Evil guards once we found out they were Evil Guards. Then Dorian Eagleheart, the leader of the thugs gave us a wooden token with an oak tree insignia which let us pass freely through his woods unharmed.

Once we passed into the lightning bolt territory, we found a group of rogues and as Lumorn investigated he was embarrassingly robbed, losing his weapons and money.

We then found a caravan carring a large box heading towards The Northern Heartwood Trading Post, commonly referred to as The Stronghold. Here we discovered the wooden box held a stone statue of a once-living elven woman named Jad’zia D’hax, who Francis was familiar with.

After gleaning more information on the subject, it was found that Jad’zia was the lover of The Boss, who took great delight in presenting her statue as a trophy, as she once scorned him and stole half of his possessions. We also learned that there was a Wizard named . He gave us direction to the Wizards whereabouts (Southeast) and we headed that way. (East until you see a bare hill, south until you see a river, leads to a waterfall, and the lair is behind the waterfall.

Part Four

As we approached the first landmark, a large hill with no trees, we saw two massive Praying Mantes attacking two adventurers. They killed them and we killed the Mantes. Then we camped on the hill and gained knowledge and experience.

And then……

Lumorn got cut in half and Thoben got thrown in jail. Huzzah!


MasterJake Steven_Bribble

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