Tarn's Legacy

Second Adventure Log

From the Journal of Francis Dashwood

Journal Entry 1

That bumbling ogre has passed out so now I am alone with my thoughts. I stole some paper from Kel and some ink and a quill from that crazy wizard. Too drunk to sleep so I figured I would write about what happened recently, as this may be one of my final days in this plane of existence.

It all started on the morning of the 14th day of The Time of Flowers. We had just finished off a couple giant mantises the night before and were on our way to find this wizard’s place, so we could save Jad’zia. My companions do not yet know the full history of our past together, but they seem to understand that we share a bond.

Anyway, with Lumorn at the front, we stumbled our way through the forest for nearly the whole goddamn day, completely lost. Lumorn seems like a good ranger, but man, I guess he must’ve smoked too much pipeweed that morning or something. We stumbled upon the nest of a giant reptile-eagle thing. That thing fucked us up something good. But we survived (barely), thanks in large part to a good backstab from that little gnomish cunt, Thoben. While I dont trust Thoben all that much, he would’ve made a great member of the Brigade. I really hope hes not dead.

So we killed that giant lizard-bird and managed to find our way back to the hill where we woke up the day before. We rested for the night, got up in the morning, and tried to make it to that waterfall we were told to find. Lumorn stayed away from the pipeweed and he led us through the forest to the waterfall.

We walked through the waterfall and got caught in a trap (of course). A hungry ogre stepped out and commented on how delicious Thoben looked. Kel convinced him that we could make him a better meal than Thoben-stew, if he let us speak to his master. I gave him some beer to seal the deal, and he freed us and led us to his master, who turned out to be the wizard we were looking for.

We struck a deal with the wizard, I dont remember the specifics (thats Kel’s job), but it basically entailed us clearing out his basement in exchange for freeing Jad’zia from her stone prison.

This is where things went wrong. We killed some creatures in the cavernous basement, found some loot, and as we were making our way through a passage, we triggered a trap. Me and Lumorn were up front when two Giant axes swung from the ceiling, smacking me right in the good old beer belly. It hurt a lot and made me bleed but the axe pretty much just bounced off.

Lumorn suffered a much worse fate. Sliced right in half. If only his gut was as big as mine, he might still be alive. Watching him with his final seconds of strength try to shove his insides back in his body, hit a bit too close to home and brought back some bad memories.

We quickly picked up his remains and carried them back to the wizard. We struck another deal with him: He would raise Lumorn from the dead if we brought him the requisite amount of diamonds needed for the spell, as well as two rolls of silk. But it needed to happen fast. I gave Thoben all our valuables to trade (prolly a bad idea), and he ran off into the dark towards Dragonport.

Its now been nearly 3 days and Thoben hasnt returned. I have spent my time drinking with my new ogre friend and preserving Lumorn’s remains with divine magic. I fear Thoben isnt returning. I am going to talk about my new plan with Kel and Noris once they wake up. Its a good plan, methinks. But maybe all these ogre songs have been boistering my courage too much…


Day Three in The Cave. It’s comfortable here but rest is impossible. Lumorn has been sundered in two, and Thoben’s success is highly in doubt. Francis and I differ greatly in outlook, but inside, undoubtably, a familiar fire burns… The time is nigh. There is an ominous sense in the air, an awareness amongst those of us remaining that our time is now. What that perception reveals will be left to fate. Destiny calls. How will we respond?

Second Adventure Log
MasterJake Steven_Bribble

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