Tarn's Legacy

Farther down the Duergar hole...

So we rested up after our first journey into the dungeons underneath Pitax. We refreshed our gear and steeled our resolve in anticipation of another grueling attempt to flush the evil dwarves and the filth they have spawned below the city. Unfortunately (and not surprisingly), we found the cellar near the old man’s house where we entered to be newly barred shut. We set a blacksmith to the task of opening it again, and while he banged on it and made noise we decided we might try and slip in the other entrance we knew of.

Things started to get interesting when across the street, looking very out-of-place, two palace guards stood watch over the old abandoned building that . This goes a long way towards confirming my suspicions that the leadership in this town is corrupt and directly involved with the city’s decay. Upon seeing the guards, we tried to slip into an alley unnoticed but failed. When they pursued, Trurl diverted their attention with a slippery spell and we thought it best to exit gracefully rather than cause a scene in a crowded street.

Surely at this point we have started to draw undue attention towards ourselves. Even with a relatively easy escape here, there is not many more conspicuous companions than a forest gnome riding a large mastiff and a Half-Elf sorcerer (who are not thought highly of in the area). Even for a town as diverse as Pitax, some form of disguise may become a daily necessity. I feel we are wearing out our welcome, but curiosity and a sense of moral duty keeps us riveted to our quest. There are so many unanswered questions. First and foremost we need connect the dots between this underground filth and The Queen, hopefully find or rescue Balon, and then help the people regain a foothold on this city.

When we circled back around to the Cellar it was locked, the blacksmith nowhere in sight, with a trail of blood giving evidence of foul play. Sad at having caused this we trudged on, and with no place to go, we returned to the Shaman of Gruumsh for guidance. He was as overcome with jubilant rapture to see us in his church as the last time we visited, and begrudgingly sent us towards an old abandoned well in the poor side of town that would hopefully allow us to continue our investigation.

When heading down here we immediately came upon a situation. A large cavern with three Duergars pummeling a well-dressed citizen. After dispatching of two one got away and ran upstairs. We healed the man, Sir Fredrick Drake, and after brief questioning found out he was a city councilman who had disagreed with some of the new changes the Queen desired. He then was pulled out of his home in the middle of the night and brought into the dungeon. We freed him and he gave us the coordinates of where he would leave us a reward, which we promised to use towards helping the cause of helping the city. He left in a hurry to get his wife and children and escape further.

The rest was a blur. We ran upstairs, found the key and set off an alarm. After heading down and opening the Iron door, we came into contact with a huge shadowy cloak-like creature that
beat us up pretty bad. We were able to escape and head back out of the well. When we got to the top we were quickly spotted by palace guards and chased. A nice young man let us seek refuge in his hut while the guards passed. After talking a bit, he revealed to us he was working with the Rebels, whose leader, Something Eagle, was recently captured by the Queen. He gave us the location of their hideout and told us their secret knock. We left there and went to sleep in our run-down hotel. We woke up feeling incredible! Hopefully we will find Urndurkur, Lumorn and any other stout warriors to join our cause…


MasterJake ebozzy

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